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  Sep. 2010
Developed kitchen, study room multipurpose air sterilization

Aug. 2010
Produced and delivered premium bus style air purifier.

Jul. 2010
Opened Research laboratory

Jun. 2010
World's first, Developed water Splitting air purifier for relieving rhinitis.

May. 2010
Developed Top grade anti-Bacterial nano filter air purifier.

Feb. 2010
Developed alkaline ionizer.

Dec. 2009
Received "2009 Excellence in Corporatefor hearts of customer" from daily news

Nov. 2009
Domestic first, air pure ultrared ray heater 2 bell coming out
Domestic first supersonic sensor near infrared ray heater coming out
The top grade well it comes round pebble floor 3 bell coming out
The highest safe well round warm water mat 4 bell coming out

Oct. 2009
Domestic first, Developed infrared ray heater

Aug. 2009
Received "2009 innovation companies & brand" grand prize from sports Seoul Newspaper

Jul. 2009
Made a contract with China for technical development air purifier.

Jun. 2009
Developed Well-beingtoothbrush sterilization

May. 2009
Developed chemical-free mosquito extirpation

Apr. 2009
Customer compensation sale events

Mar. 2009
Installed 502k models for Central post office

Opened membership service program

Jan. 2009
Chungpung business trust written contract sales contracting

Nov. 2008
Established Chungpung shopping mall

Developed near infrared ray heater 3 models.

Oct. 2008
Joined with LakuLaku for selling products
Sales company Chungpung Life Health founding

Sep. 2008
Cho Su-han be inaugurated sworn in CEO

Aug. 2007
Supplied "Heat Recovery Ventilation system" at 509units Keum-ho Apartment in Dae-gu

Inauguration of the representative On Sung-Jun

Jul. 2007
Closed a MOU contract for strategic tie-up with Airmate Electrical Co., Ltd.

Installed "Food Waste Disposer" at 420 apartment units for Limkwang Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.

Jun. 2007
Supplied and installed "Heat Recovery Ventilation system" at Bundang Luxury apartment built by Seohae Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd.

Mar. 2007
Supplied and installed 52units of "Heat Recovery Ventilation system" at Hyosarang hospital at Kwang-ju

Jan. 2007
Launched a home-shopping TV sale through CJ Home shopping Network

Received an order for ¡°Heat Recovery Ventilation system¡± at 508 apartment units from Keum-ho construction

Dec. 2006
Supplied and installed ¡°system Air Purifier¡± at 26 train stations id Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation

Nov. 2006
Installed ¡°Food Waste Disposer¡± at 420 apartment units for Limkwang Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.

Aug. 2006
The supply administration registered ¡°MAS¡± as an Excellent Product

Jul. 2006
Closed a contract with the supply administration for supplying ¡°Heat Recovery Ventilation system, MAS¡±

May 2006
Installed ¡°oxygen generators¡± at 298units of Samsung Remian

Apr. 2006
Chungpung is selected for ¡°Technologically Innovative Business¡± from Small and medium business administration (SMBA)

Mar. 2006
Opened Chungpung Mugu Direct rental service

Received an order for "Food Waste Disposer" from Sam Hwan Corporation

Jan. 2006
Received an order for ¡°Chungpung System Mugu Built in Solution¡± from Hye-Joo Leaders high

Dec. 2005
Installed ¡°oxygen generators¡± at 130 train stations of Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation

Jul. 2005
Won the first prize in the consumer¡¯s favorite product in Air Purifier category (Hankyurae Newspaper)

Jun. 2005
Installed ¡°system Air Purifier¡± in Ha-Nam City library

May 2005
Won the best prize for Customer¡¯s most trusted company
(Korean consumer forum)

Mar. 2005
Established branch office in China

Jan. 2005
Launched ¡°Ultra sonic multifunctional germicidal washing machine¡±

Oct. 2004
Won the best prize incustomer satisfaction (Korean Management Association)

Sep. 2004
Won the best green prize in green management category (Korean Management Association)

Jun. 2004
Launched Electric Fan for ChungPung mugu (CMF-MCF01)

Jun. 2004
Launched System Oxyzen Generator for ChungPung mugu (COG-C4000)

May. 2004
Launched Toothbrush Sterilizer & Bathroom Ionizer for ChungPung mugu (CAP-M1005)

Apr. 2004
Launched Oxyzen Generator for ChungPung mugu (COG-C3000)

Mar. 2004
Won power brand for partnership marketing program (Azoomma.com)

Feb. 2004
Launched Toothbrush Sterilizer & Bathroom Ionizer for ChungPung mugu (CAP-M1010)

Nov. 2003
Won best brand prize from Korean Consumer for Forum

Jul. 2003
Acquired GD mark from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

Jun. 2003
Won the best prize in Korean Marketing category (Korean Management Association)

May. 2003
Won the Prime Minister prize of invention day (Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs)

Won the first prize in customer preference in design (Korean Management Association)

Mar. 2003
Designated as the best customer satisfaction brand from Korean Brand Association

Feb. 2003
Launched a new air purifier in ChunPung mugu series (CAP-M3012)

Dec. 2002
Won Gold medal on Seoul Int¡¯l Invention exhibition show

Nov. 2002
Won special prize on e-business awards

Oct. 2002
Selected as eTrust approval company

July. 2002
Won Gold prize on the 1st Korean Internet hit products

May. 2002
Co-operated mileage business with Net point co., Ltd

May. 2002
Made A/S contract with Daewoo electronics service Co., Ltd

Jan. 2002
Establish Life plus TV

Establish Chungpung Energy Water Co., Ltd

Inauguration of common representative(Mr. Choi Jin-Soon, Ms. Choi Yoon-Jung)
Dec. 2001
Selected as best products in 2001 by Kyoung Hyang Newspaper

Aug. 2001
Approved as Korea best A/S company (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy Reg. No. 99-38)

July. 2001
Selected as one of 50 competitive product quality companies (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy Reg. No. 99-38)

May. 2001
Won Bronze medal at the 36th Invention day

Sep. 2000
Opened internet card issuing site www.creditcardmall.co.kr

Sep. 2000
Construction of web servicing foundation

July. 2000
Selected as best exporting small & medium enterprise (Export Assistance Center Reg. No. 2000-29)

Mar. 2000
Acquired ISO 9001 ( Quality System Certificate )
Aug. 1999
Selected as one of 50 competitive product quality companies (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy Reg. No. 99-38)

May. 1998
Was Designed as a Venture Enterprise (Reg. No. 98112533-20)

July. 1999
Started e-business service

Aug. 1998
Opened our web site www.chungpung.co.kr

July. 1996
Was registered with the '97 Guinness book of Records for the acquisition of eight consecutive gold prizes for the first time in the world

May. 1996
Won the Minister's prize at the 31st Invention Day Ceremony

Apr. 1994
Changed the company name as Chung Pung Co., Ltd
Nov. 1993
Won a gold prize in the environmental and medical field at the Nuremberg contest, Germany

Nov. 1993
Won a silver prize at the National Excellent Invention Show

May. 1992
Won patent administrator's prize for excellency at the International New Item Contest

May. 1992
Acquired the Q-mark from the Korean Electricity and Electronics R&D Institute

Feb. 1992
Acquired the utility model patent No. 062651

June. 1989
Completed development of air purifier and registered Brand (Registration No. ChungPung Air purifier)

Mar. 1983
Established SamWoo electronics Co., Ltd & started developing air purifier
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