ZYANS offers you pure and clean natural air.

Whenever a baby becomes restless due to difficulties in breathing, whenever you feel a pain i the throat
owing to the unclean air in the graysh city... Now ZYANS, the Air Purifier with the 'Happy Nose' function, provides you with the pure and clean natural air.
Feel the happiness of green nature in your heart as you comfortably breathe in the clean air.
Feel that your health improves. See your child smiling.

PEC-ion System; PhotoElectroCatalytic-ion System
By using Oxidation of Photo - catalyst reaction & High Voltage Discharge Technology, this technology can oxidize VOCs into Carbon dioxide (CO2) & H2O. As a complex way of air purifier, CAP3000 series have not only outstanding eliminating capacity of micro-dust, particles etc but also outstanding sterilizing capacity so that they can eliminate Influenza virus
7-Stage Natural-Humidifying (N-Humid)Air Purifier System
Employing a special 'pro-evaporation' filter that is capable of
controlling humidity level of indoor while sterilizing vapor.
N-Humid System brings the next evolution in humidifier
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