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What is Anion air purifier?

1. Principle
Chungpung air cleaner generates anion via negative corona discharge. When negative voltage is applied to sharp needle, negatively charged electrons having enough energy to cause ionization are emitted from the needle at high speed. They collide against air particulates to generate anions. What is important is how to control the concentration of anion. Chungpung air cleaner emits 186 billion electrons per second to purify contaminated air, and keeps anion density at 100,000 ea/cu.m or more to do good to human body.

2. Main function
Anion removes harmful substance created by electromagnetic wave. Electromagnetic wave emitted from electric and electronic appliances such as TV set and computer has a high level of energy, which creates positive ions in the air. If the density of positive ions rises in the air, it promotes secretion of hormones such as serotonin and free histamine in human body. This may cause asthma, bronchitis, trouble in eyesight, pain in waist and shoulder, nervousness, tension, irregular menstrual period, languor, mental depression and dermatitis, and even give a birth to a deformed baby. Chungpung air cleaner neutralizes and removes positive ions using anions generated on the above-described principle, and helps reduce secretion of stress hormone to cure various diseases including VDT syndrome and building syndrome. It creates lots of anions to promote the vitality of human body.

(1) Purification of air
Various contaminated substances in the air such as cigarette smoke, sulfurous acid gas(SO2),nitrous oxide gas(NOx) and carbon monoxide gas(CO) create positive ions. However, anions generated by air cleaner neutralize, settle and remove these positive ions to keep air clean and fresh. The harmful substance such as ozone reduces to negatively charged oxygen (O2-) via following reaction, and plays an important role in settling problems with deficiency of oxygen.

2) Removal of dust and bacteria
Positive ions enable bacteria, dust, pollen, mold and contaminated particulates freely float and make foul air. However, anions electrically neutralize and remove them, or charged them negatively so that they are adsorbed and collected by a positively charged powerful dust collector plate installed in the air cleaner.

(3) Humidity control
Chungpung air cleaner controls humidity more or less. For example, It reduces harmful ozone to negatively charged oxygen through the following reaction.O3 + 2H + 2E -> O2 + H2O This equation shows that water (H2O) is generated and helps control humidity.

(4) Deodorization
Anion chemically oxidizes, decomposes and neutralizes the source of odor to remove offensive odor and keep indoor atmosphere pleasant.

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