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What is Anion air purifier?

It is important to have the high quality of ChungPung mugu air cleaner. What is more important, however, is how to operate and maintain it. Negligent maintenance and indifference generally causes not a few problems, but many of customers attribute them to the performance of the air cleaner. Therefore, the best way to use the air cleaner more effectively is the steady maintenance and concern. Please check once again how efficiently your air cleaner operates.


The air cleaner is one of the everyday life electronic appliances to operate all around the year
Many people still consider that the air cleaner is useful only in winter and at the turning of seasons. It's not. It is one of the everyday life electronic appliances to operate all around the year. By the way, the need of the air cleaner is not felt so keenly in summer when it is easy to ventilate. However, let's look into its seasonal use. It is needed in spring when yellow sand and pollen blow in wind, in winter and at the turning of seasons not to catch a cold, and in summer to remove mold and bacteria. Moreover, the simple ventilation doesn't remove the bacteria that cause nasitis, atopic dermatitis or bronchitis. That's why the air cleaner is needed in winter.

It would be better to operate the air cleaner all day long.
Some users operate air cleaners only when people are there to save energy.
However, it is very important to know how seriously the indoor air is contaminated. Continuous operation
of the air cleaner in the weak operation mode keeps the aie clean. If you turn on the air cleaner only in
the presence of people, it has to operate in the strong operation mode in order to clean the air.

As a result, there is no difference in the electric charge between two operation methods. Since the air
cleaner doesn't clean the air immediately upon it turns on, it can't fully exert its performance. If the air
cleaner operates all days long, the monthly electric charge amounts to only one thousand won(₩1,000)
or so. Therefore, it would be better to operate the air cleaner all day long.

It is requires to maintain the filter all the time
Good maintenance of the air cleaner filter is very important as with the maintenance of water quality in
the humidifier.The filter kills and removes bacteria and ticks. Improper maintenance may contaminate
the filter, and the air cleaner generates dirty air to cause the secondary pollution.
Some filters are simply washable when they get dirty, while others should be replaced with new ones
with various replacement interval. Carbon filters are re-useful when washed with water every two months
and should be replaced with new ones every one or two years. The photoelectric catalyzer coated plate
should be washed every two months to exert its intended performance. The HEPA(High Efficiency
Particulate Air) filter and medium filter should be replaced every 2 to 5 years and 6 months, respectively.

It is hard to fix the exact filter replacement interval. Filters may get contaminated promptly if the air
cleaner operates in the dirty air and vice versa. Some air cleaners monitor the filter conditions and the
alarm indicates when it should be replaced. Otherwise, when users wash the carbon filter and
photoelectric catalyzer coated plate, they are requested to check the conditions of other filters. Please
refer to the user manual for more information on how to clean and replace the filters.

The sensor should be cleaned also.
The air cleaner automatically adjusts the operation mode(strong or weak) in consideration of the air
contamination level with the aid of the sensor which detects the presence of dust and odor. If the
sensor is contaminated with dirt or foreign substances, the air cleaner may operate improperly regardless
of the indoor air conditions. Therefore, it is desirous to clean the sensor with cotton every several

Use tap water for the air cleaner with natural humidification
The tap water is sterilized with chlorine to prevent the multiplication of bacteria to some extent. In the
mean time, bacteria multiply promptly in raw or purified water. Water with temperature above 40¡E may
deform water vessel or cause trouble.

Keep the water vessel clean when the humidifier function is not required.
When the humidifier function is not required, empty the water vessel and remove water from the rear part
of the air cleaner and use care so that no scale settles on the bottom. Otherwise, the air cleaner may be
contaminated and it is hard to clean the air cleaner with the deterioration of the humidifier function at the
next turning of the seasons.

It is required to ventilate the room at all times.
Someone my consider that there is no need to ventilate the room with the air cleaner. However, the
natural ventilation is the fastest way to clean the air. Though the air cleaner cleans air and kills the ticks
and bacteria at the every coner of the room, it is required to open windows and doors wide to replace
the indoor air all at once.

If you ventilate the room whenever you clean the room, the air cleaner can exert its intended performance
fully. The air cleaner and natural ventilation cause the synergic effect to keep your family healthy.

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