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  CWB-B series

Operationg mode Purification and Blowing
3 Modes
Air blowing volume(/min) 0.8~2.5
Size(mm) 350(W)X350(D)X568(H)
Weight(kg) 19
Typical voltage AC220V/60Hz
Power(W) 100
Water Spray nozzle(ea) 6
Capacity of water filter 2.0
Centrifugal rate 70 Revolutions per sec
Centrifugal Volume(mm) 108()X253(H)X2ea
Anion(anions/cc) 10,000~300,000
Discharge relative humidity(%) 50~70
Sterilization mode Sterilization/Antifungal agent
Drainage mode Manual
Water filtering media Filter
Water Tank capacity 2.3
Accessory units Drainage hose, Air guide, Carrier

Why do you need ZYANS? The Purifier with the "Happy Nose" function.
Because it makes your nose comfortable as if you are breathing in the forest!

Cell Healing
'ZYANS generates about 400,000eas/cc natural anions while breaking water into fine water particles, helping the human body to heal damaged nasal cells.' - quoted from the study of Yonsei University College of Medicine
Fine water particles discharged from ZYANS maintain the optimum humidity level which mitigates allergic reactions by softening the mucous membranes of the respiratory system including the nose, the bronchi and the lungs.
Air Purification
ZYANS actively collects and removes harmful substances in the air by utilizing the properties of water (such as cohesion, adhesion and solvency power) to provide comfortable air for breathing.
The unique purifying principle of ZYANS adopting the cleaning principle of nature
makes your nose comfortable and fresh.
Polluted air -
fine dusts, cations, VOCs, formaldehyde,
bad odors, dry air

     Fiber Filter

Catch Filter

Step2 Step3
Pre-filter Water Filter, NaturalAnion Generation Collection of
Harmful Substances
Harmful substances are mixed with the air particles while passing through the layers of water filter full of water particles.They are collected then removed by the cohesion,adhesion and solvency power of water.
The fiber filter removes large dusts.
The anti-allergic Catch Filter removes allergens from the inhaling air.
The water is splashed out against the crash plate which generates fine water particles.
During this process anions are conjured.
Purified Air-
Purified air, comfortable humidification,natural anions
Step4 Step5 Step6
Separate the helpful substances Phyton
Blowing out
Clean Air
The heavy water
Particles containing harmful
substances and the purified air are separated by the centrifugal force.
The heavy water particles fall down to the cistem, the purified air full of fine water
particles and the natural anions are blown out.
Phytoncide extracted from theJapanese-Cypress pulls away dustmites and gives you the feeling of forest therapy. The purified air containing fine water particles and anions gives you fresh and healthier air.

Cell Proliferation Test

Number of cells

                                0                      2                     5                     9

Days after confluence(days)

Wound Healing Test

"The effects of the electricity driven anion generators in the market have not been proven yet. ZYANS, however, has been proven to be effective to a normal person on the epithelial cells of nasal mucous membranes. ZYANS is expected to be helpful in promoting national health by offering positive effects to patients with nasal discomfort and respiratory diseases as well as to the general public who live in a polluted environment."
-Prof. Jeong Gwon Lee, Otorhinolaryngology Dept. of Severance Hospital of Yonsei University


A wound is significantly healing under the ZYANS environment.

Under the general indoor environment, epithelial cells in the nasal cavity have shown no improvement in 24 hours.

Mucin Gene Expression Test

Reliability of ZYANS proven by the tests and certifications
Certification of Ozone-free Test Certification of Deodorization
Bacteria Test Report Electrical Appliances Safety Certificate
Deodorization Efficiency Test Report Deodorization Efficiency Test Report
Comparison of Antibacterial Test Photos Certification of Antibacterial Test
Certification of Anion
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